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I have always liked the mix of vintage and modern. There are many modern replications of vintage items, but I find it especially fun to give something old a new life. Recently, I spotted a metal tray on my neighbor’s front porch, destined for the trash. It is now a quaint little “desk” for schoolwork in our living room. These types of trays and TV stands can be found in flea markets, garage sales, estate sales and thrift shops. Here are some simple steps for using a paper stencil to give your metal trays a makeover. Enjoy! — Ashley


old tray and standsandpaper (fine grit)rust primer spray paint (available at hardware stores)patterned paperx-acto knife and sharp bladere-positionable adhesivecolored spray paint (you need a color for the base and one for the pattern design)scrap paper and cardboard


Step 1: Clean the tray thoroughly. Using a fine sandpaper or sanding brick, lightly sand the entire surface, removing all loose paint and rust. Using painter’s tape, cover any areas that you do not want painted.

Step 2: Spray with a rust primer.

Step 3: Spray with spray paint, following the manufacturer’s recommended dry times and recoat times. This step usually needs to take place within an hour of when the primer was put on.

Step 4: Create your paper stencil. I choose to use a scrapbooking paper with a floral design. Using an x-acto knife, I cut out each section to create my stencil.

Step 5: Apply re-positionable adhesive to the back of your paper stencil and press firmly down on the tray. Make sure each area is firmly adhered.

Step 6: Cover all areas of the tray that you do not want painted with the second color. Once you have covered the stencil area with spray paint, remove the paper, tape and stencil by gently pulling it up.

Enjoy your new tray!

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